Food For Thought
30 March 2022

Why do we remember that one dish from that one restaurant that we really liked and always recommend to others? The more I visit restaurants, the more I start observing things and so, I'm here to write about my wondrous observations.

Colours as Brand Mascots | M&M's
2 February 2022

Who knew simple colours could be the biggest brand mascots? M&M's are one of the favourite snacks of both adults and children across the globe. In this article, I talk about some of the observations I made while going through the advertisements released by M&M's.

The PiggyBank Ride Women Need | Paytm - The Divide
21 January 2022

In this article, I talk about a social experiement conducted by Paytm that depicts how vast the gap is between men and women when it comes to financial matters and a recent advertisement released by them that tackles one of the small stereotypes surrounding women.

A 'Fresh' Perspective - POND'S and Glow & Lovely
3 October 2021

Advertisement for products that revolve around grooming of the face have always been intriguing to me. In this article, I explore the various perspectives behind an advertisement for a POND's men face wash and the brand revamp of Fair & Lovely (now known as Glow & Lovely).

Tradition vs Progress - The Kanyamaan Controversy
22 September 2021

Advertisements that provide a modern edge to age old Indian traditions have always sparked up debate. In this article, I analyse and present my views on the Kanyamaan advertisement released by Manyavar-Mohey.

A Marketing Perspective on 'Emily in Paris'
20 October 2020

Paris is for fresh perspectives. In this article, I review and attempt to breakdown the marketing campaigns from the well known Netflix Original, Emily in Paris.

What's the worst that could happen?
16 October 2020

During the course of a personal branding program, I read the book Ikigai. In this article, I talk about some concepts from the book that I really liked and could relate to.

Should the age of marriage for women be raised to 21?
6 September 2020

I was inspired to write this article after reading an editorial from The Hindu about the same. This captures my views and my understanding of the delicate topic.

How To Market An Event - 4 Easy Steps
29 July 2020

During my internship with a Digital Marketing Agency, Digit Bazar, I was given the responsibility of marketing a virtual event for the organisation. In this article, I have tried to summarise the behind the scenes process of marketing a successful event.