In the winter of 2022, my family decided to take a spontaneous 2-day trip to Lansdowne. I had not taken a single trip since 2019 and to add to it I had purposely not researched about the place we were visiting so that the element of mystery builds up my excitement. This trip would also conclude 2022 and would give me the much-needed (and well-deserved) break after 2 trimesters of the hectic MBA course.

Spoiler alert: I fell in love.

Lansdowne was beautiful in every way. It was far away from the city, its traffic and pollution. It really felt like I was properly breathing after years. It had mountains and greenery and lakes and kind people, all of which I was devoid of for an awfully long period of time. Although it was a little too cold for me to function, I still managed to make the year-end review video I had planned (check out a little snippet here). Some of the places also required me to walk uphill and sure the view was beautiful but for me trekking uphill is a nightmare, thanks to the unhealthy and inactive lifestyle I live (it is my fault and my fault only, not blaming the circumstances).

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Some stills from Lansdowne

I loved the small and cute town that Lansdowne was but it wasn’t what I fell in love with. What I fell in love with were the sunsets. In the day and age of dating apps which are helping people find the love of their lives, Lansdowne was that medium for me.

I know what you might be thinking, “Arushi, you would have witnessed multiple sunsets in the last 21 years you’ve been alive.” I know I have but I have never quite appreciated the beauty because I didn’t even know sunsets could be THAT beautiful. I did occasionally visit the beach in the evenings after college but my motive was generally to go for a walk for peace of mind (or to lose weight that never ended up happening).

Sunsets in Lansdowne were breathtaking. I used to sit and look at them for an hour straight thinking about nothing at all. My mind used to be so occupied with observing the thousand different colours that the sunset had to offer and the peaceful way in which the beautiful orange circle dipped down into the horizon that I really couldn’t think of anything else. It was also the way the sun’s rays seeped their way through the clouds and you could see them the way we drew them as kids in school.

Lansdowne Sunsets captured by me :D

I saw just 3 sunsets while I was in Lansdowne but I knew ‘watching the sunset every day’ is going on my resolution list for 2023. For the most of January, I tried to live up to it by going to the beach with the sole purpose of watching the sunset. While I did get to see some beautiful sunsets by the beach none of them were as colourful as the ones I saw in Lansdowne. Regardless, my love for sunsets only increased with time.

And well as life (or luck) would have it, after the first quarter of 2023, I found myself in a city far down south where I was able to witness colourful sunsets yet again.

But this time for two months straight.

PS: This article is part 1 of a series of articles. More to come soon!